Why Parents
Choose Us

Personalised Camp Model

Every child is unique.

The set of skills, talents, and aptitudes for each child is different, and so is his or her learning patterns.

That is why at XCL Camps, our core values are centred around providing the most nurturing experience that will help every child develop their own personalities and boost their overall growth.

3 Core Approaches

We do this with our Personalised Camp Model, where we integrate 3 core approaches, for each stage of camp:

Information and support

Before the camp

Personalised Attention

Personalised attention

During the camp

Consistent Feedback

Consistent feedback

After the camp

Information & Support


During the camps, our camp managers and teachers are dedicated to providing personalised support for each child.

Guidance for first-time camp parents on all aspects of holiday camps

If you’ve never sent your child to camp before, you would no doubt have plenty of questions about holiday camps in general, and ours in particular.

Whether you want to know about the safety, experiences, and how the camps will help your child, we are always available to provide all the information and guidance you need.

Detailed camp explanation to answer all your questions

While our website has a lot of information about each of our camps and how they can help your child, we understand that you may still have lots of questions.

So if you would require it, we can inform you further by phone or email on all the aspects of a particular camp like the method, the teachers, the theme, availabilities, etc.

Camp choice discussion to pick the perfect camp

We offer a wide variety of camps, for children in many age groups, and in many genres of themes and topics.

We are happy to have discussions with you on the best camp choice based on your child’s personality and interests.

1-on-1 Attention


While the camps are on, our camp managers and teachers are dedicated to providing 1-on-1 support for each child.

Constant communication with you and your child, to ensure his/ her wellbeing.

Our hands-on and dedicated camp managers check on each child multiple times during the day, to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and motivated.

Running late to pick up your child from camp? You never have to worry. Our camp manager will stay with your child and keep him/ her engaged and happy till you arrive.

Regular updates about your child’s in-camp progress

Rest assured that you will receive at least one photo of your child’s activity on each camp day, so you can not only stay relaxed that your child is fine, but also form an idea of your child’s activities, and feel connected to him/ her.

Small camp sizes with focus on each child

We keep our holiday course sizes limited, so that the teacher can observe each child in a free-spirited, fun, nurturing environment, review their potential and talents, and provide additional inputs to you.

Consistent Feedback


We are committed to boosting your child’s growth and development. So we don’t just stop interacting with you when the camp ends, we provide you with a summary of what your child did during the camp along with some pictures taken during camp.

In-depth evaluation report from teachers

Our teachers and camp managers observe your child’s performance and engagement, and also interaction with others during the camp, and provide you with comprehensive information based on their hard skills, social/ emotional skills, and personality development.

Post-camp conversations to discuss progress

It’s not just about emailing a report.

After the camp, we schedule a phone conversation with you, to discuss about your child’s experience at camp and how we can further enrich your child’s experience.

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