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Code Academy

Code Academy Overview

Boost your child’s coding skills through different topics such as Scratch, Game Maker and Virtual Reality! By the end of the camp, each child will know how to code and programme their own project!

Camp Details


In our coding camps, our mission is to make coding for kids simple, fun, and challenging.
By the end of the camp, each child will know how to code and programme their own project!

We cover 3 types of coding topics to match the personalities, needs, and experiences of all children. Our coding topics and dates are:

Junior Coding

For ages 5 to 6 years

27 – 31 December

Explore Scratch and Matata programming using an interactive, child- friendly software that utilises a drag-and-drop based designing feature. Your little coder will engage in hands-on coding and learn coding concepts while developing problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration with peers.

Learn various basic programming concepts such as conditional statements, to apply into Scratch and Matata by creating animations and games.

Camp activities:

  • Build commands for creating the games
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of computer science: variables, conditional statements, loops, Boolean, functions and logical operators
  • Learn how to enhance decomposition, abstraction, and algorithmic thinking in game development

Game Maker

For ages 9 to 14 years
Upcoming date:
10 – 14 January

Through this workshop, students will learn the basic of game development, game design, programming fundamental using Game Maker Studio. Students will also learn to use Sprites, create Objects, change Rooms and create their own Script. At the end of the camp, your child will create his/her own 2D platformer game and learn the logic behind game creation.

Camp activities:

  • Learn about objects and sprites – learning to import animated sprites for 2D game in Game Maker Studio. Understand the concepts of Objects as the backbone of video games and explore built-in properties.
  • Learn fundamental programming concepts
  • Learn about game mechanics, look and feel

Virtual Reality

For ages 9 to 14 years
Upcoming date:
3 – 7 January

Discover the technology of VR, and utilise their unique features to create custom 3D environments, virtual reality games, and dive into amazing immersive experiences.

Students will acquire hands-on experience with VR development through CoSpaces Edu platform, where students can create virtually anything in the classroom! This programme will improve students’ digital literacy skills, enhances creativity and fosters collaboration in the classroom.

Camp activities:

  • Understand how Virtual Reality works
  • Build their own virtual reality world
  • Create interactions between models in the Virtual Reality World


Kodecoon Academy

Kodecoon Academy was founded with the mission to expose students to digital literacy and computational skills to prepare them for the fast-changing world of technology. For the past four years, Kodecoon Academy has been providing top-botch technology courses to equip every student with the relevant students to adapt to the volatile, uncertain, changing and unambiguous (VUCA) world, to transform them into leaders with the right mindset and confidence in creating breakthroughs in their own areas of interest.

Key Takeaways

  • Better understand fundamental programming concepts
  • Enhance critical and logical reasoning
  • Become more effective problem-solvers
  • Build better presentation skills
  • Learn how to be a team player and work with other children

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose, and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at or call us 6808 7324.

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