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XSports Academy Overview

A unique camp that will change the way your child learns and plays sports! We offer individual and team sports camp including swimming lessons and basketball camps during the school holidays.

Camp Details


Join us this school holidays for a unique camp that will change the way you learn and play sports! Our XSports camp encourages children to consciously develop physical mastery, grit, curiosity and interpersonal skills, while having lots of fun and expending their boundless energy!

XSports Academy

For ages 9 to 12 years
Dates: Jul 8 to 12

Price includes morning snack, lunch, camp t-shirt and camp materials


*additional 3% processing fee will be applied only for credit card payment

Welcome to our XSports Camp, an exhilarating and diverse experience that introduces young athletes to a variety of sports and activities. This camp is designed to foster a love for physical activity, teamwork, and skill development across multiple disciplines. Led by experienced coaches, the camp offers a dynamic blend of sports, games, and fun!

Key Features:

  1. Sports Variety: Campers will have the opportunity to explore and participate in a range of sports, including soccer, basketball, badminton, swimming, and more. Each day brings a new and exciting sports adventure.
  2. Skill Development: Expert coaches will provide specialized training sessions for each sport, focusing on fundamental skills, techniques, and game strategies. Campers will enhance their athletic abilities in a supportive environment.
  3. Team Building: Emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Campers will engage in team-building exercises and group activities to strengthen interpersonal skills.
  4. Fun Challenges: Daily challenges and friendly competitions to add an element of excitement. Campers can showcase their skills, earn points for their teams, and enjoy a healthy sense of competition.

XSports Football

For ages 6 to 14 years

Dates: Jul 1 to 5 & Jul 15 to 19

Price includes morning snack, lunch, camp t-shirt and camp materials


*additional 3% processing fee will be applied only for credit card payment

Our football camp is designed to provide young athletes with a dynamic and immersive experience focused on developing their skills, teamwork, and passion for the sport. Led by experienced coaches and staff, the camp combines training sessions, friendly competitions, and a positive learning environment.

The FFF Academy program operates under the direct supervision of the French Football Federation. It provides an opportunity for a diverse group of young footballers – both BOYS & GIRLS – aged 6 to 14, to become part of an academy that adopts training methods derived from French Training Centers. These methods are particularly influenced by the National Football Institute of Clairefontaine (INF) in Paris.

Our Holiday Football Camp is spearheaded by Patrick Vallee, the Technical Director of FFF Academy

Key Features:

  1. Skill Development: Participants will receive specialized coaching to enhance their technical skills, including ball control, passing, shooting, and defensive strategies.
  2. Team Building: Emphasis on teamwork, communication, and understanding tactical aspects of the game. Campers will engage in team-building exercises and drills to foster camaraderie.
  3. Fitness and Conditioning: Integrated fitness sessions tailored for football players, focusing on agility, strength, and endurance. Fitness activities aim to enhance overall performance on the field.
  4. Friendly Matches: Opportunities for friendly matches within the camp, allowing participants to apply newly acquired skills in a game setting. Campers will experience the thrill of competition in a supportive environment.
  5. Nutritional Guidance: Campers will receive guidance on proper nutrition for optimal athletic performance, helping them understand the importance of a balanced diet.
  6. Fun and Enjoyment: While focused on skill development, the camp is designed to be enjoyable and engaging, ensuring that participants have a memorable and positive experience.


The XSports Camp is run by XCL World Academy teachers along with vendors such as Proform Basketball, UFIT, French Football Academy Singapore and XLAB.

Key Takeaways

  • Multi-sports camp combining soccer, basketball, badminton and games
  • Develop key physical, emotional and teamwork skills that are important for success in any sport
  • Have fun with friends and experienced, dedicated coaches
  • Open to all skill levels

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose, and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at info@xclcamps.com or call us 6808 7324.

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