Foundations of Effective Public Speaking

Foundations of Effective Public Speaking Overview

Are you looking to enhance your child’s public speaking and debating skills? Then look no  further! Our Foundations of Effective Public Speaking Camp is designed to provide your child with the tools and techniques they need to become confident and effective communicators.

Camp Details


Throughout the course of the programme, your child will have the opportunity to participate in a series of engaging workshops and activities focused on developing their public speaking and debate skills, preparing them for the final event where they will be required to present in front of the audience.  

Foundations of Effective Public Speaking

For ages 6 to 12 years

Dates: Jul 22 to 26 & Jul 29 to Aug 2
Price includes morning snack, lunch, camp t-shirt and camp materials


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Your child will have the opportunity to learn about: 

  • Multiple formats for public speaking
  • The definition of “register” as well as an example of each 
  • How to give introductions and announcements
  • The definition of “verbal pauses” and how to overcome them
  • How certain clothes match certain occasions 
  • What their “go-to” fidgets are and how to overcome them
  • The parts of a speech 
  • How to utilise image notes to give a speech
  • What efficient body language looks like and what to do with the rest of the body while speaking
  • Methods for overcoming fears and anxieties about speaking in front of others
  • How to identify an audience and cater a speech to target them
  • Strategies for supporting arguments with strong sources and evidence 
  • Ways to pace a speech and the power of a pause 
  • How to take a stance on a particular topic
  • Proper debate conduct and format 
  • Creating a comprehensive argument 
  • Examining rebuttals and how to properly deliver them

During the camp, your child will:

  • Practice speaking out loud in front of an audience
  • Practice working as a team to accomplish a task 
  • Improve their debate and public speaking skills
  • Practice working as a team to accomplish a task
  • Utilise persuasive techniques in a debate setting
  • Tap into their creativity
  • Demonstrate active listening

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help your child become a skilled and confident communicator. Sign them up for our Foundations of Effective Public Speaking  Camp today, and watch as your child blossoms into a dynamic and engaging public speaker!


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Key Takeaways

  • Build confidence in speaking in front of others and during debates
  • Practice identifying and writing a speech using the three parts as a guide and structure
  • Understand the format of debates and how to deliver strong rebuttals
  • Showcase how body language and vocal changes can influence a message being delivered
  • Apply new communication skills to several public speaking and debate opportunities

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at or call us 6808 7324.

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