Science Explorers

Science Explorers

Science Explorers Overview

Explore different experiments and sensory experiments this holiday! Our science camp is a great hit for your budding scientist.

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Science Explorers

For ages 6 to 12 years

Price includes morning snack, lunch, camp t-shirt and all science materials


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Calling all budding scientists! Embark on this Science camp where you can explore science in a hands-on, fun and exciting way. Are you fascinated with many things around you? This summer XCL Camps has teamed up with IVY Camps to Explore Outer Space!
Students will learn about solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and the observable universe. Students will get a chance to explore planet types, atmospheres, weather on planets, black holes and more. Students will discover what is needed to create life and explore what life may exist on other planets. In addition, they will learn to understand what life as an astronaut on a space station would be like.
Projects: Students will pretend to be an astronaut and design their own planet.
Skills Developed: Creativity, research, innovation, creative thinking.


Ivy Camps provides supplemental education to kids around the world through skill-based curriculum taught by trained instructors from top US universities. Our camps include 75 different topics ranging from public speaking to business, all while maintaining FUN as the cornerstone of the learning journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Help your child develop an understanding of the natural world
  • Encourage your child to be a problem solver
  • Introduce your child to basic science elements

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose, and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at or call us 6808 7324.

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