STEM Juniors

STEM Juniors

STEM Juniors Overview

Encourage your child’s critical thinking skills with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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In this camp, your child will explore and have hands-on experience solving problems and creating different things. Let them try out different experiments and wear different hats!

Stem Junior

For ages 4 to 5 years
20 – 24 December
3 – 7 January

At STEM Junior, we will be exploring and interacting with different materials to build, create as well as observe change. Through hands-on problem solving, children will have a chance to explore and apply conceptual thinking while engaging in the activities.

We will put on different hats; explorers delving in to the natural world, inventors working on new ideas, scientists working on cool experiments and thinkers to solve problems that might arise when we are engaging in our explorations!

From building foam house to grow bean plants in to creating magnet mazes and growing crystals, we will have a ball of time designing, creating, building, experimenting and exploring!

Stem Junior with Lego or Coding

For ages 4 to 6 years
Upcoming dates:
Summer 2022

Our STEM Junior camp with Lego provides an introduction to creating Lego® robot models, while also helping your child learn basic science concepts. This camp introduces young kids between the ages of 4 to 6 years old to the world of robotics. Children will be building themed robotics projects and doing basic programming using Lego®. With an easy-to-use and graphical drag-and-drop interface, even the little ones can start programming robots! WeDo is an age appropriate version of the NXT Mindstorms/ EV3 that provides younger children with a wonderful head-start to learn all about cause and effect of programming while providing kids with multiple opportunities for problem solving whilst promoting creativity.

Under our STEM Junior with coding programming, in the half day camp, your little coder will engage in hands-on coding and learn coding concepts while developing problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration with peers. The 3 main learning objectives of this camp are:

  • Computer Science
  • Computational Thinking
  • Collaboration


Children’s Worklab

Children’s Worklab is an education centre focused on developing and delivering applied-technology curricula to children aged 4-12. It started operations in Singapore in 2007 and since then, they have developed applied-technology curricula for children in both academic and non-academic settings. Their team comprised of educators, scientists, engineers and technology professionals, is passionate about teaching children technological concepts through hands-on activities.

Kodecoon Academy

Kodecoon Academy was founded with the mission to expose students to digital literacy and computational skills to prepare them for the fast-changing world of technology.

Terra Minds Education

Terra Mindsseeks to “Ignite the spark for learning” in children and inspire even more children to enjoy learning science and robotics! As a pioneer in Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM) enrichment programmes for children, their mission has been to create opportunities for children to learn through hands-on learning.

Ms. Umairah will be running the holiday programme this October break and she is very excited to have some fun with you this holiday! She has been teaching for 10 years and she loves being an early years educator! She believe in children learning using their senses, through exploratory play and activities. When children are involved in their experiences they become active and innovative learners.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduce physical blocks to represent various programming elements, commands, and flow-of-control structures
  • Learn about the natural world and explore how things work
  • Try out different science experiments and work on simple math

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose, and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at or call us 6808 7324.

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