Bootcamp Overview

Calling all active teenagers who would like to build their strength and endurance! Try out a different workout every hour and be prepared to feel the burn.

Camp Details

AGES 13 TO 16 | MONDAY TO FRIDAY | 9AM TO 3PM | $625


For ages 13 to 16 years
June 20 to 24

Price includes morning snack, lunch, camp t-shirt and camp materials


*additional 3% processing fee will be applied only for credit card payment

Join us this holiday break to have an opportunity to build your strength and endurance. A mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each class session. One boot camp workout might stress body weight exercises with drills such as pull-ups, pushups, squats, lunges and and sprints.

These sessions will allow your child to build speed, muscle and endurance.


Mr Walsh

Mr Walsh is passionate about health and fitness. As a keen long-distance runner and cyclist he appreciates the importance of proper nutrition, training and rest. Mr Walsh knows training can be tough but it can also be fun and rewarding. Making gains is a lifelong process.

Key Takeaways

  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Work on attention and focus
  • Boost energy level
  • Make new friends and work in teams

Not sure if this camp is the best fit for your child, or have some questions about the camps?

We would be happy to help you choose, and answer any questions you might have. Just email us at or call us 6808 7324.

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